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Friday, April 30, 2010

Timber industry can benefit from expanded website

Indiana DNR Release:

Owners of forested property stand to benefit from expansion of the Indiana DNR Division of Forestry’s Indiana Forestry Exchange website.

The website, , has grown to include searches for Active Timber Buyers and their Agents. The convenient search allows users to find these companies and people by their names, license numbers, or by the county in which they are located.

Goals of the website include: facilitating trade and commerce of forest products, equipment, materials and services; improving landowner access to the forest product marketplace; and increasing the successful implementation of forest conservation projects by improving access to available conservation work in Indiana and the surrounding states.

Landowners typically sell timber or seek professional forestry services once or twice in the ownership of the forest. Connecting potential sellers and buyers will become much easier with this website.

Indiana Forest Products Industry:
- $17 billion economic impact to the state
- 4. million acres of forested lands
- 85% owned by private woodland owners
- $8 billion in total value of shipments
- 3% of Indiana’s gross domestic product
- First nationally in hardwood plywood, wood office furniture, wood kitchen cabinets, manufactured homes and wooden caskets and coffins; Your source for:
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Landowner Jobs
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