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Monday, April 26, 2010

Museum of 20th Century Warfare to open at Fort Harrison State Park on May 1

Indiana DNR Release:

The Museum of 20th Century Warfare will open on Saturday, May 1 with an Open House at Building 711 in Fort Harrison State Park.

The Museum of 20th Century Warfare is a nonprofit Museum dedicated to teaching military history and to honor American veterans during the Twentieth Century. The Museum volunteers have remodeled Building 711 at Fort Harrison State Park to preserve and display artifacts from servicemen that served in all branches of the military from 1910 through Desert Storm.

The Open House will feature artifact displays, uniform displays from the 20th century, the model of the USS Indianapolis, and the dedication of the Dr. Leonard Wallace Memorial Library. Veterans and uniformed re-enactors will be at the Open House to answer questions. The model of the USS Indianapolis is dedicated to the USS Indianapolis survivors and in the memory of Larry Sharpes.

Fort Harrison State Park was once Fort Harrison Military Reservation from 1904 to 1995 for the US Army. Fort Harrison State Park was opened in 1996 as a part of the Indiana Division of Parks and Reservoirs, Indiana Department of Natural Resources.

There is no cost for the Open House, entrance into the Museum is free. The normal $5 weekend in-state/ $7 out-of-state gate fee applies. Fort Harrison State Park is located at the corner of Post Road and 63rd in Lawrence, Indiana. Parking is available near the entrance of the Museum. For more information, please contact the park office at 317-591-0122, Wed – Sun, 8a – 4p.

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