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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pike Lake attracting Indiana anglers

Indiana DNR Release:

A recent Indiana Department of Natural Resources fisheries survey report shows angler numbers are up Pike Lake. The report summarizes the results of an angler creel survey conducted last summer by DNR fisheries biologists.

Pike Lake is a 228-acre natural lake located in the City of Warsaw. A city park on the south shoreline of the south basin provides a handicap accessible boat ramp, swimming beach, restrooms and campground. The accessibility the park provides makes Pike Lake a popular fishing destination for both boat and shore anglers.

“The amount of angler effort measured at Pike Lake in 2008 was nearly double what we observed in our previous surveys in 1995 and 2000,” said Rod Edgell, DNR assistant fisheries biologist. “As expected with more people fishing, we also observed more fish being taken home as well.”

Angler creel surveys provide the IDNR with detailed information about the fishery and how it’s being utilized, and they are essential in evaluating the success of management decisions.

From April through September anglers fished for an estimated total of 21,691 hours and harvested an estimated 10,434 fish.

Bluegills were most commonly targeted and harvested species. Bluegills averaged 7 inches in length, and included several fish more than 9 inches long. Walleye also were found to be popular with Pike Lake anglers and could be one reason why more anglers are visiting the lake.

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