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Monday, May 4, 2009

New online map tracks destructive insect

Indiana DNR Release:

Those who want to know which Indiana counties and townships are under state quarantine for regulated wood products because of the emerald ash borer insect (EAB) can find out 24 hours a day by using a new interactive map on the DNR Web site.

The map, which was developed by DNR personnel using Global Information Systems (GIS) technology, shows areas confirmed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and DNR to have EAB. The map, which will be updated monthly, uses roads, aerial photos or topographical maps as backgrounds. Users can zoom into the location desired.

A state EAB quarantine means that although regulated material may be moved within the affected township and county it cannot be moved out of the township and county unless the shipper has a compliance agreement with the DNR or the material has been mitigated so that it is incapable of spreading EAB. Regulated materials include the EAB in any living stage of development, any ash tree, limb, branch or debris of an ash tree of at least 1 inch in diameter, ash log or untreated ash lumber with bark attached, or cut firewood of any hardwood species. The quarantine applies to private individuals as well as commercial enterprises.

In addition to the state quarantine, all of Indiana is under federal quarantine for EAB, which means that such material cannot legally be moved out of the state without proper documentation.

Regardless of whether people are in quarantined areas, the best way to avoid spreading EAB, is to not move firewood across county lines. The DNR recommends that people buy firewood where they are going to use it and then burn it completely.

The map is at For more information about EAB and its affects, visit Purdue University’s Web site at

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