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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Remember endangered wildlife on your tax return

Indiana DNR Release:

Want to help Indiana’s endangered wildlife?

Even though the long-term answers and strategies are complex, the short-term tactic is relatively easy—and convenient, especially at tax time.

Support the DNR’s Wildlife Diversity Program, which depends on donations to the DNR’s Nongame Fund.

The program is responsible for the conservation and management of more than 750 species of Indiana’s nongame, endangered and threatened wildlife.

Donate all or a portion of your state tax return by marking the appropriate box on your printed Indiana tax form or when you file electronically. On the printed form, look for the bald eagle logo, which represents one of the program’s major successes.

For details about the program’s other triumphs and plans, view the DNR’s Wildlife Diversity Annual Report, now available at The site also includes information on direct-donation options.

Each project helps manage one or more of Indiana's native species. Examples include Eastern box turtles, crawfish frogs, hellbender salamanders, lake sturgeon, and redside dace, which are tiny brightly colored, eye-catching and vulnerable fish.

In addition to donations, the WDP receives reimbursements for expenditures through the State Wildlife Grants program administered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

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