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Thursday, January 3, 2013

County, state fair schedules set

The Wells County 4-H Association has set July 13-18 for the 2013 Wells County 4-H Fair. Livestock show times and auction are expected to be similar to previous years.

Representatives of the 4-H Fair will be attending the 2013 Indiana Association of Fairs and Festivals Conference in Indianapolis later in January.

Officers of the Wells County 4-H Association for 2013 include Kent Ulmer, president; Brian Clark, first vice president; Chad Captain, second vice president; Gretta Nusbaumer, secretary; and Leah Sills, treasurer.

Officers for the Wells County 4-H Council for 2013 will be Karl Steiner, president; Cathy Neu, vice president; and Chris Crickard, secretary. The 4-H Council is responsible for the 4-H rules and policy that govern the various 4-H events and activities within the county.

This year's Indiana State Fair will be held August 2-18. The logo will include "Fun at Every Turn," and the theme will center around the year of the "Indiana Popcorn."

This year's fair will also feature an outdoor "ice show" with skaters doing stunts, performing with music and comedy and displaying artistry as they glide through the specially engineered tent housing the rink.

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